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The need for a better toaster

ToastCraft has come a long way since its home-hosted origins. It went through (and quickly outgrew) several hosts before its current iteration. ToastCraft is now hosted on a dedicated server in a data center in NY.



(November 5th 2019 - present)

Toaster is ToastCrafts primary server, it provides hosting for the minecraft server as well as a webhost for the site and this wiki.

Specs: intel i7 7700k, 64gb of ram, and two 250gb ssds(This is due to be upgraded in the future but as it sits the minecraft server only takes up around 100gb.)


(November 11th 2019 - present)

There isn't a ton to say about Bread, it primarily serves as means of storing files sent over from the main server(Toaster) as well as running a clone server for testing.

Specs: raspberry pi 4(4gb ram variant), 2 250gb ssds.


ToastCraft is running on paper spigot for performance reasons.

We're also currently on debian 10 (previously debian 8)