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This is a list of significant events on ToastCraft that affected the server as a whole.

Other Timelines:

Groups and Governments History: This follows the servers governments in their "game of thrones" like battles, but not as gory and with less nsfw parts.

Player History: Follows player history, this is a more goofy timeline following how players do stuff and what they enjoy doing; it's more community based.



The server that would one day become ToastCraft was established in 2017. Because no records of the ingame chat remain (the records having been relayed to IRC) and few of the original players are still around, much of the early era of ToastCraft has been lost to history.

  • June 18: ToastCraft is brought online for the first time under the name "TreeCraft", for lack of a better name. At this point, it is a casual server where everyone is an op. It is mainly comprised of friends from the MinecraftOnline server, including treepuncher755, Jibletz, JoshL56 (then Joshlong56), Auchzezt, not_what, Inspector_foix (then marques_foix), and markrafter9.
  • June 18 – July: Much drama occurs in this early, private stage of ToastCraft. Everyone has op, and that doesn't go well: map resets, exploding buildings, and "plugins" forcing users to say horrible things are common sights.


  • March 3: The remaining staff decide ToastCraft is completely dead and the only thing that can possibly save it is a map reset. Plans are made for a server similar to today's ToastCraft, based on legit survival for all without creative and WorldEdit.
  • March 21:
    Rare screenshot of cities as a mod.
    • ToastCraft opens to the public.
    • cities7 is promoted to moderator.
  • April 7:
    • Alternate world gen is found and added to the server. The nether and end world files are accidentally overwritten in the process. The new world gen accidentally has land rarity is at its highest level, making the world generate nothing but oceans.
    • After cities7 notices the issue, he is promoted from mod to admin.
    • treepuncher755 and cities7 work that night to come up with ways to regenerate chunks that were ocean.
  • April 8:
    • Some admins continue work on regenerating chunks and smoothing borders.
    • cities7 notices that the y-level of new terrain is extremely high. treepuncher755 changes the land generation height level.
  • April 11: The original ToastCraft wiki is created.
  • April 14: Map is reset following the impossibility of fixing the terrain gen problems from the plugin. This causes some to leave and many to lose progress. The era of the current map begins.
  • April 15:
    • cities7 becomes concerned about a lack of nether fortresses. tree changes the config, leading nether fortresses to appear in the overworld.
    • This change is undone, and admins later remove most of the overworld fortresses, but as a consequence the world seed is effectively changed.
  • April 23: Certain types of spawner are disabled for balance reasons.
  • April 28: The VIP rank's homes are reduced to 4.
  • May 11: Mod and VIP now have access to /pweather and /ptime.
  • May 14: Silly_v is promoted to moderator.
  • June 4: Chunks are pre-generated out to the current world border at 15,000 blocks from spawn.
  • June 15 – 18: Toast Building Contest.
  • June 18 – 20: The birthday kit is available.
  • July 12: New dungeons become available.
  • July 14: Ranks are changed to "Guest" and "Member".
  • August 11 – 13: Server goes down due to hosting issues; a temp map is used.
  • September 3: Update to 1.13.1. World border is expanded.
  • October 24: Update to 1.13.2.
  • October 31: Wither Skeletons have an extra 5% chance to drop skulls for Halloween.
  • December 3: The server switches from Spigot to Paper.
  • December 24 – 31: The Toastmas kit is available.


  • January 11 – 12: Downtime as the server moves to a new host.
  • January 28: The new wiki is created.
  • February 3 – 10: Wiki Icon Contest.
  • February 10: Bosses now drop money.
  • February 19: AcidicChip becomes the first user to reach 600 hours of playtime and obtain the Toasted rank.
  • March 3 – 10: A poll is run over a potential change to hard difficulty. The verdict is to stay at normal.
  • March 22: Item frames and armor stands may now be looted without consequence.
  • April 7: Donations are added. treepuncher755, cities7, and Johnohmnom are the first donors.
  • April 13: The /claimpvp command is enabled.
  • April 14:
    • ToastCraft's map turns one year old.
    • Silly_V becomes the first to donate and receive the Super Trails perk.
  • May 1st: Nivoid Creates the Grasstopian Union
  • May 13: Trusted rank added.
  • May 26: Hypermoron and Trent948 are promoted to Trusted rank following an election.
  • July 28:
    • Update to 1.14.4.
    • /rtp command given a 15-minute cooldown.
    • /back and /jump command slimited to Toasted and staff ranks, with the instantaneous /j redirecting to /jump.
  • July 30: Server shop and purchasable /jump and /back unlocks introduced.
  • August 4: Server shop now buys stones and ores.
  • August 10:
    • Hypermoron is promoted to moderator.
    • Johnohmnom is promoted to Trusted.
    • alspal resigns as moderator.
  • September 2:
    • Kian1029 is the first player to donate and receive the permanent purple name perk.