Voidtown Conflict

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The Void Town Conflict began on March 30th, 2019. The conflict came as a result of the recent annexation into the UFP by User:SnapJaw about a month earlier. after a while of being under direct rule by the UFP Void Town was allowed more freedoms as a Commonwealth Independent of the UFP in all but name. After the agreement was signed User:Nivoid became angry that Void Town was not fully independent even though all parties that signed the agreement read and understood its terms before signing. After a while of complaining about the UFP stealing his town Nivoid was able to get a few others on his side even SnapJaw which would put the Okanogan Union and UFP alliance on a strain as tensions between the two nations occured.


The fighting started as UFP citizens were provoked while building by the rebels. This provocation allowed for the UFP citizens to escape to nearby UFP settlements whilst still being attacked by rebels. The rebels then claimed the town as their own and quickly griefed the growing settlement. Fortunately the conflict ended when admin Cities7 got involved and reversed the grief and false claims the rebels had caused to the town.

Rebels destroy the Town Hall in the conflict (picture taken by User:SnapJaw)
STL_Ninja17 issues the seize fire over the discord relay.

Current Events

The town still remains as a vital part of the UFP to this day. Plans to expand the town were halted in the conflict but are now starting to resume in the past week. The rebels to this day still claim they won the conflict and have the rights to own the town but all serious claims to the town were dropped after the conflict. New claims on the town by the rebels are caused by their claim to one build in the town which is very different than the town itself. If this build wishes to be independent of the town and the UFP it is free to leave at any time so long as the town itself remains.



Border Changes


  • Above: Pre Voidtown conflict, Below: After conflict and territory loss.