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To help ensure quality content on the wiki, we have implemented a few guidelines.

  1. All content should be directly or indirectly related to ToastCraft.
  2. Vandalism is the act of editing an article in a malicious manner. Users found to be vandalizing articles will be disallowed from making further changes either temporarily or permanently if the problem persists.
  3. If you are editing an already existing article, try to stay on topic of that article and follow the formatting already established by the article's creator.

ToastCraft reserves the right to modify or delete content.

Welcome to the ToastCraft wiki

Things are pretty empty around here as the wiki is in its infancy, this wiki is intended to be used for the documentation of all things ToastCraft, please use discretion when viewing these pages as they are user submitted. Read the rest of this page or use the search bar above to find what you're looking for. If you want to make your own pages then there's a small guide. Please also be aware of the wiki rules and avoid editing other player's personal pages too

About the server

For a (soon to be) comprehensive history of the server, visit the History page.

You can view the Rules on the Rules page.

Wiki Contents

There are several topics of page on the wiki and plenty of space for more.


These are pages about places on the server. These can be natural or player made. Feel free to make a page for your own town or base or if you find a particularly interesting area of terrain.



These are pages about players on the server, past or present. You can add a page about yourself and write pretty much whatever you want. Avoid editing the pages of other people unless you're sure they won't mind(or at least won't complain).



These are pages about organisations and groups made up of players on the server. This can be a group of friends or anyone who bases together.



These are categories of pages that don't fit in the above main 3 categories or need a grouping that's a bit more specific


These are pages about rare items. Their collection, rarity and price are the topics within these pages.



Pages for information on the workings of plugins, special locations and other similar things.


Miscellaneous and Overarching

For pages that are above or outside of other categories because of their importance or uniqueness. All other categories fall under this one.


Special Pages

Quick links to useful special pages generated by the wiki. These will be more useful for people wanting to do editing or check for pre-existing pages and files etc.