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Server ranks, indicated by in-game name colors, represent experience on ToastCraft and offer perks in the form of commands and extra homes. Three non-staff ranks, determined by active time, currently exist.

Time-based ranks


Builders are new ToastCraft players with under 50 hours of playtime. Their ingame names are white.


The Member rank can be unlocked by playing on the server for 50 hours. (Those who became Members when the requirement was only 12 hours will retain their rank.) Your current playtime can be checked using the command /ar time.

Members gain access to the following:

  • The /workbench (also /craft) command (opens the crafting interface)
  • A fourth /sethome
  • /kit member


Playing for 600 hours (25 days) grants the Toasted rank. This unlocks additional commands:

  • /ascend
  • /ptime
  • /pweather
  • /up
  • A fifth /sethome

Staff ranks

There are four staff ranks. For easy identification of staff members, staff rank colors take precedence over those of the time-based ranks.


Trusted serve as a backup for when mods or admins are not available, and have more limited abilities. The main functions of the rank are to welcome new players, help and answer questions, and keep an eye on the server. They can view logs for grief reports and jail or mute players.

There are two ways to become Trusted. One way is to become asked or chosen. Another way is by submitting an application and then be voted in by the ToastCraft community.

To apply, send an email to ToastCraftMC@gmail.com, answering the following questions:

  1. What is your in-game username?
  2. What time zone (or city and country) do you live in?
  3. How would you handle a player who, after you asked to stop spamming, decides to verbally attack you (but stopped spamming)?
  4. Do you have any staff experience on a server? If yes, what did you have access to?

Minimum weekly playtime is required to keep this role, unless discussed with staff in advance. Must be at least a Member to apply. If the admins approve the application, qualifying players will be voted in by ToastCraft players.

Other staff

Other staff members are promoted at the admins' discretion. These include moderators, developers, and administrators.

Donor name color

The store allows the purchase of a purple name. This is not actually a rank; donation perks are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.