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Money, or dough, is the official medium of exchange on ToastCraft. It can be used in shops, to buy claim blocks, and to otherwise obtain goods and services. It is an intangible currency, though paper bills that drop from bosses can be converted into money.


A $400 bill dropped from the dragon.

There are currently a handful of ways to obtain money:

  • Voting grants $50 per vote per day (Previously $40).
  • Bosses have chances to drop paper money:
    • Ender Dragon drops $10, $20, and $400 bills.
    • Wither drops $10, $20, and $100 bills.
  • Players can trade using a chest shop or the /pay command.
  • Rarely, money is given out as a reward for server contests.


  • /bal <player>: States the current balance of a player.
  • /baltop: Gets the top balance values.
  • /pay <amount>: Pays another player from your balance.
  • /buyclaimblocks, /buyclaim <amount>: Purchases additional claim blocks. Each block costs $1.