Political history

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The Groups and Governments of toast have a diffrent history than the main History page, this is due to the fact that groups can have small conflicts without many people knowing (VoidTown UFP conflict as an example). Due to the wiki DDoS of 2018 not much is known about pre 2019 conflicts

Current Territory Map (Map Updated once a month usually):


  • (Black Lines = Borders, Red Line = Railway North, Blue Line = UFP Skytram, yellow = Shrekton Line, Purple = Coastal UFP line, Black Dot = Station, Darker Purple: OU line, Black dot with yellow = claim capitols



Sometime Early 2018

Githis Land and Fancytown form, evantually Githis land overtakes Fancytown and surrounds most of Spawn; Skytrill also makes his large claim on the westren seaboard and coast areas.

March 10th-20th 2018

The United Flarentian Powers (UFP) for short begin to come over from Minecraftonline and form a town named Floresta, they begin expanding across and around the local bay, soon NorthSlope is founded as the 2nd UFP town in Toastcraft.


January 15th 2019

The Okanogan Union reveals itself and claims The Crosses as its main base.

Feburary 1st 2019

Port Washington becomes the third UFP town in Toastcraft.

Unkown date in feb 2019

StrangeLand is revealed and KwxnTreeandmabyCities7 town is founded and makes its claim

Feburary 28th 2019

Shrekton Alabama is founded and becomes the Okanogan Unions first town.

March 30th 2019

The UFP annexes VoidTown with the help of the Okanogan Union and its claim south of Floresta on the other side of the bay. This is Florestas first war, with 0 casualties on the UFP side and 4 on the VoidTown side. This starts the Voidtown Conflict

March 31st 2019

SnapJaw, X_Jacob758_X, Nivoid, and STL_Ninja17 sign the Spawn treaty officially making Voidtown part of the UFP

April 15th 2019

New Ottowa is founded and the Okanogan Union expands their claim into a few Expeditions bases (Lookout point and Fort Specture

April 23rd 2019

SnapJaw makes the first Territory Map for toastcraft. This way claims from governments and groups can be seen better; along side this comes the new history page (this one).

April 24th 2019

Feb1980 reveals his small claim south of the Okanogan Union and the Toast Powers Treaty is signed between the Okanogan Union and UFP

April 28th 2019

Voidtown Conflict escalates and the Okanogan Union rejoins, Okanogan Union and Voidtowns rebellion (now: Grasstopian Union) vs UFP at the start

May 1st 2019

Grasstopian Union Are formed.

May 2nd 2019

Voidtown Conflict ends with a seize fire and loss of land for the UFP.

May 7th 2019

Border skirmishes begin alongside the UFP border with Summer's Peak Empire more frequently...

May 12th 2019

The town Grasstopia, Grasstopian Union Capitol, is founded.

May 19th 2019

First Toast War begins

May 21st 2019

The Okanogan Union gives Shrekton Alabama and New Ottowa to the UFP after finding a new town building spot. The Okanogan Union also goes neutral and makes their unnamed puppet state

May 22nd 2019

Squamish is revealed to the world as toasts 7th town.

June 3rd 2019 First Toast War escalates again with STL_Ninja17s absence and Floresta is annexed into Summer's Peak Empire

June 5th 2019 A unknown player and Nivoid start a Mini-War about territory loss and gain. This got over with quickly. (Casualties: 2 of the "Unknown" by Grasstopian Union.

June 9th 2019 UFP is removed from the Politcal History map due to inactivity.

June 18th 2019

ARZTOKA is founded

June 28th 2019

UFP Becomes Active once again.

June 29th 2019 Void Cube is founded by the Grasstopian Union

July 2nd 2019

First Toast War offically ends and the Toastlands International Convention begins with the UFP and Okanogan Union to prevent a war from happening again.

July 4th 2019 Grasstopian Union And UFP Join forces together.

July 10th 2019 Okanogan Union backs out of toastcraft and Squamish is given to Grasstopian Union

July 24th 2019 Grasstopian Outlanders Officially becomes Grasstopian Union As for not being Outlanders/Rebels anymore.