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Floresta, the servers first town.


Floresta was a OG town on toast, it was made in March 24th 2018 but during the map reset it was deleted, MrElectron and STL_Ninja17 found a similar location on the 2nd toastcraft map at Floresta Bay and made the town (April 25th 2018). One of the first builds was the sign tower, it was just signs stacked ontop of each-other, but in 2018 it was made to look nicer and more like a real tower. STL_Ninja17 started work on the eastern UFP Railway Lines. The first outsider to join was a hacker named "BobTheTellitubby" who hacked some pig mob heads and covered a tree in them. User:Skytrill joined soon after and made a shop ontop of a floating island. This is when the UFP decided to move its capitol to nevua florence; during this time a terrain glitch appeared in the Overworld so Adroom 2-3 were made, they were the only ever armor stands with arms on toast. and then the graveyard was made, this was where the funeral for User:Githis was held when he supposedly "died"!, soon the town expanded more and started expanding into the dark oak forest on the west side of the town site. In early 2019 Aroom 2 and 3 were destroyed by an unknown user, toast lost its only armed armor stands that day. Later in 2019 (may 2019) Summer's Peak Empire annexed Floresta during the First Toast War, multiple raids were carried on Summer's Peak Empire all of which failed to retake the town.


Map Of Floresta


  • (SnapJaw is in this photo for some reason (replace map later))



  • STL, the founder of the town and UFP chilling


  • Pre reset Floresta


  • Pre Reset Floresta again


  • First pic of floresta