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As of April 2019, ToastCraft accepts donations through the official Donation Store. The /donate command links to the store.

In the early days of the server, donations were not needed due to the low server costs. As ToastCraft changed hosts, the costs went up, leading to the implementation of the donation store. The server does not rely on donations, and will continue to operate as normal; the option exists simply to help mitigate costs and allow for expansion.


Perks received for donating last 30 days and are purely cosmetic, in compliance with Mojang's EULA. These are not intended to be reasons to donate, but to serve as a thank you for those that choose to do so. Donation perks may change, be added to, or removed at any time.

A list of codes for chat colors
  • Chat Colors: Allows the use of color codes for use in chat. To use, precede the text you want to color with the appropriate code.
  • Purple Name: Makes your name a royal purple color.
  • Super Trails: Allows a variety of particle trails.
  • Lightning Effect: A bolt of lightning heralds your joining and leaving the server (visual effect only, no mob or fire damage).