Welcome to buttery perfection.

Welcome to the website, while you're here, check out our Wiki or learn what makes us unique..


You can connect to ToastCraft using the ip: play.toastmc.net, or simply toastmc.net; ToastCraft is on the latest version 1.13.2

Not a toaster.

While we may love toast, our hardware does not reflect that. Debian 8 with an Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3, 32gb of system memory, and two 1TB drives lead to a smooth experience.


It isn't 2011. Here at ToastCraft, griefing isn't tolerated. We have landclaims to protect your builds and only allow those that you trust to modify your work.


We care about our community, we regularly implement suggestions from them. We also have Discord and IRC relays for our players to stay connected even when not ingame.